Our Work

Capturing the Sum of What Makes You...You!

At RAMP, we understand that every dental practice has its own distinct identity and story to tell. Our team is dedicated to crafting branded content and media that highlights what makes you stand out from your competitors: your experience, services, and philosophy.

Below are examples of some of our past work for our clients.


We create personalized campaigns for each dental practice using engaging content and clear calls to action to ensure you receive high-quality patient inquiries. We also track every call or ad click so your account manager can give you a detailed report at the end of each month.


The Internet is the #1 source of information for millions of people, and patients looking for a dentist are no exception. Your website is the first, and often only, chance you have to show prospective patients who you are, which services you offer, and why they should choose your practice for their care.


Television brings the power of imagery to advertising. We can help you target regional cable, market-wide broadcasts on local network affiliates, or Connected TV (CTV) advertising. CTV is one of the most efficient ways to get in front of patients while they stream their favorite shows on the internet or devices.


Both terrestrial and internet-based radio offer the unique opportunity to capture your audience’s attention when they’re driving to work or listening to their favorite podcasts. Our Media Director is a 20+ year veteran of radio and can ensure your radio advertisement hits the right ears at the right time.

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Direct Mail

RAMP utilizes the latest in customer insights and data to reach households that most accurately meet your target demographic in the most cost-effective way possible. We’ve done everything from letters and reminder cards to brochures and SUPER-SIZED (8.5 x 11”), double-sided full-color postcards.

Print Ads

Print advertising offers the ability to get your messaging and practice information in front of your prospective patients via their preferred physical mediums, including magazines and newspapers. This is a great option for older or very targeted demographics.


Outdoor Advertising, like billboards, are designed to catch a person’s attention in an instant with a memorable impression that lasts long after they have driven past. When done correctly, billboards can be very successful and difficult to ignore.


No matter the medium you are utilizing to get your message across, brand identity and consistent messaging are crucial. Branding helps to create awareness and a memorable image of your practice. Whether you are looking for a simple logo and appointment cards, a brochure, referral cards, or even a “jingle,” the creative team at RAMP is here to provide insightful solutions that will bring your brand to the next level.