7 Tips for Digital Display Ads that Work

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With so many people carrying the internet around in the palm of their hand, reaching your prospective patient is easier than ever through digital marketing. While it can take many forms, from social media to email campaigns, one of the most common – and flexible – means of marketing are digital display ads.

By successfully using any number of cutting-edge digital marketing tools, including website retargeting, geofencing, pay-per-click (PPC), and keyword retargeting, the potential patient will see your display ads as they navigate the internet. The price range can depend on the ad size, reach, and method used.

Because we’re inundated with numerous promotions and ads every day on the world wide web, it’s crucial that you plan and create digital display ads that work. We’ve compiled seven pro tips to improve your chances of being seen and standing out.

1. Make a Plan

Promoting and building a dental practice also requires a special game plan when determining which marketing strategies will work best for online ads. Considerations include budget, target audience and location, plus any special information you’re providing like specials for new patients or discounts on cleaning. Decide in advance the reason why you want people to click.

2. Brand Consistency

Make sure to include your logo, brand colors, fonts, and any other identifying features that represent your business. Keep the look consistent across the platforms for easy recognition and top-of-mind awareness, particularly if you’re tying the campaign to direct mail or print ads.

3. Crafting Content

The key to incorporating copy in digital display ads is to keep it brief and concise – while also providing the valuable “hook” prospective patients may have triggered in their search. Leverage appropriate keywords when possible, especially any that are unique to your practice, like implants or emergency services.

4. Picture Perfect

While smaller digital ads may include only a logo and relevant text, it’s important to choose images carefully for larger ads. After all, you’re trying to catch the viewer’s eye as they scroll through the web. Original professional photography of you, your team, or your office are great for familiarizing prospective patients with your practice, or include sharp stock imagery that sets you apart from the rest.

5. Mix it Up

Google display ads come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which can achieve varied results on placement, clicks – and ultimately the cost. As previously mentioned, the size will help determine what to include on the ad – resist the urge to put too much copy in a small space. Test different sizes and content to determine what generates the most activity.

6. Call to Action

As with any form of advertising, it’s vital to direct the customer to take the action you want them to: Click here. Learn more. Call now. By putting the request in a “button” it will stand out even more.

7. Track Results

You may notice an uptick of positive online reviews or new patient inquiries but having the analytics to determine results is crucial in any digital advertising strategy. Marketing companies like RAMP provide those measurable results, so you don’t have to guess if something is working.  

With a full spectrum of cutting-edge marketing tools and experienced digital designers, the experts at RAMP will create ad content and campaigns that are right for you, your practice, and your geographic region. Contact us today for a free consultation.