How to Market to Patients of a Retiring Dentist

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A Marketing Blueprint for Targeting Patients of a Retiring Dentist

It can be a tough time for patients when their local dentist retires or sells their practice. As a fellow practitioner in the community, it may not be feasible to purchase the doctor’s patient list so it’s imperative to create a strategy to target those patients with a balanced and sensitive approach.

To help with that transition, we’ve assembled a blueprint with seven steps for addressing this unique situation.

1. Identify Your Target Patient

Before diving into marketing efforts, conduct an analysis of their existing patient base and determine if it’s a good match for your own. Review the demographics, specialties required, and potential pain points. This insight will inform the creation of targeted messages and campaigns.

2. Create a Narrative for a Successful Transition

Develop messaging that communicates the change as a positive evolution rather than an endpoint. If appropriate, emphasize the retiring dentist’s legacy while presenting the opportunity to move practices by highlighting your credentials and commitment to continuity of care.

3. Leverage Multiple Marketing Channels

Implement a multi-channel strategy to maximize your reach, including:

  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Website retargeting ads
  • Direct mail
  • Press release

Each marketing effort should reinforce the narrative of a seamless transition with your practice’s offerings.

4. Optimize Online Presence

Consider enhancing your practice’s online presence by creating a dedicated web page welcoming future patients of the retiring dentist. Use it to answer questions, list your services, and introduce your team. Don’t forget to use SEO techniques for targeting and tracking purposes.

Step up your efforts to increase positive online reviews and testimonials from your current patients to build credibility and trust.

5. Organize a Meet-and-Greet Event

Host a meet-and-greet event at the practice and invite prospective new patients to check out your office, meet your team, and plan their transition of care.

6. Create a Limited-Time Promotion

Introduce exclusive promotions or discounts for patients considering a move to your practice. In addition to creating a sense of urgency, it encourages them to make decisions promptly and avoid an interruption in their regular oral health maintenance. Highlight your unique selling proposition while acknowledging the loyalty of existing patients.

7. Monitor and Adjust

As with any marketing strategies, be sure to implement tracking mechanisms to monitor the effectiveness of the aforementioned efforts. Analyze patient responses, engagement rates, and subsequent appointments scheduled. Adjust your actions accordingly based on real-time feedback and emerging trends.

In Conclusion

Navigating the marketing landscape during or following the retirement of a local dentist demands a delicate balance of sensitivity and promotional prowess. It wouldn’t be appropriate to announce or include the information if the decision hasn’t been publicly announced yet, but it’s important to be prepared to provide the opportunity for those potential new patients.

By determining the target audience and crafting an empathetic and helpful narrative, as well as optimizing your digital presence and marketing tools, you can create a seamless transition for new patients that also reinforces your brand for your existing ones.

At RAMP, we offer a variety of cutting-edge marketing tools to help you leverage those new visitors onto your patient list. Contact us today and schedule a customized evaluation.