Make Your Voice Heard with Radio Advertising

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With the rapidly growing menu of digital marketing options as well as music and entertainment streaming services, you may think that radio advertising has been relegated to a bygone era. However, when combined with other tools and platforms, radio still provides a valuable voice for growing dental practices.

Let’s take a look at the who, what, when, and where of successful marketing in the radio industry.

Who is Listening to Radio?

While Spotify and Apple Music may make the news, a recent study by Edison Research showed that AM/FM radio still dominates in the 18+ listener demographic. In fact, the results for radio’s share over other ad-supported audio platforms were 72% at home and 88% in the car.

The great thing about radio is the ability to target a responsive audience that best suits your patient goals. For instance, women are the majority decision-makers in a household. If you specialize in restorative work and dentures, focus on stations that feature classic music (read: oldies).

Who do you want promoting your practice? One successful strategy includes landing a personal endorsement from a popular local radio figure.

What Do You Have to Offer?

The best radio commercial brings new leads to your practice. Because of the limited time it’s important to convey an informative, memorable message in a brief window so listeners don’t tune out. A good marketing company can help you create a catchy jingle that will stay with the audience.

As with any ad, include the reason they should choose you – longevity in the community, pediatric dentistry, new patient offers, or sedation services – as well as the phone number and website. Repeat the number twice if possible and leave the www off your URL to save time.

When They’re Playing Your “Song

Naturally, the best radio jingle won’t matter if it’s only playing in the middle of the night. Scheduling your ad for the best time is key, and stations will charge for those spots accordingly. Talk shows with a large audience, drive times, and weekday mornings may all factor into the sweet spot.

Frequency – or how often your commercial airs – is also important. A savvy media buyer will negotiate all of these elements into a radio contract and make adjustments as the market calls for it.

Where Radio Can Reach

Local radio ads can be very effective if the station’s range is somewhat limited to your community. If the tower has a very broad footprint, chances are you’re broadcasting to people outside of your market and wasting valuable advertising dollars. Conversely, make sure you’re reaching everyone in your target demographic and area.

Most importantly, how do you get started adding radio advertising to your marketing plan? RAMP – The Dentist’s Marketing Company understands that the best approach to growing a dental practice involves a multi-faceted strategy. With more than two decades of experience in the industry and over $100 million in media buying experience – including radio – RAMP has developed proven methods and formulas for success. Not only can we create a winning campaign, but we can negotiate media contracts, and even oversee your local dental board regulations on advertising.

Give us a call today for a free consultation and let your voice be heard – on radio!