10 Marketing Ideas to Attract New Patients

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Just as you hope for your patients to stay on top of their oral health, it’s important not to neglect the well-being and growth of your practice. Patients move on and natural attrition occurs so attracting new patients is an ongoing marketing priority.

First things first, set a goal. Establish how many new patients per month you’d like to add, and how those prospects fit within your ideal patient profile. Then take a look at RAMP’s 10 creative marketing ideas and get inspired depending on your specialty, demographic, or location.

1. Digital Targeting

It’s a digital world now and there are numerous tools at our disposal to capture the attention of potential new patients. Website retargeting should be the cornerstone of your digital plan. When people searching for a new dentist visit your site, your online ads will follow them as they navigate the internet, creating valuable top-of-mind awareness

Similarly, you can target your ideal patients using geofencing, keyword retargeting, Facebook ads, and more.

2. Online Search Campaigns

Because the majority of people seeking a new dentist will turn to Google or another search engine, it pays to invest in ad campaigns that place you above organic results. Reinforce search response by including strong SEO – keywords – in your website content.

3. Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards are still a popular and successful way for dentists to introduce themselves to newcomers in the community. The USPS Every Door Direct Mail program helps businesses find the ideal consumer demographics and a well-designed direct mail piece will stand out in the mailbox. Special discounts and offers for new patients are good hooks.

4. Social Media

Billions of users around the world spend time on at least one social media platform, making it a necessary tool for new patient acquisition. Use entertaining posts and informative campaigns to connect with prospective patients as well as generate referrals from existing clients. The top sites for dentists are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

5. Online Reviews

At least 93% of people conducting initial searches for goods or services will use a platform that is specifically geared to reviews, such as Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, or 1-800-Dentist. This kind of word-of-mouth is invaluable to a dental practice, so be sure to ask your patients to share positive feedback online with automated email requests, texts, or phone calls.

6. Patient Referral Incentives

Capitalize on your current happy patients with special incentives for their referrals. Let them know that recommendations are greatly appreciated with a discount on their next cleaning, a free whitening kit, or perhaps a gift card.

7. Email Marketing

Do you just use your email for patient notifications, reminders, or front-office communication? Increase engagement with an email campaign that patients will look forward to. Include a newsletter on upcoming specials, new products, or staff news. Be consistent but don’t flood the inbox and you’ll discover why email marketing provides some of the best ROI for your practice.

8. Add a Blog

A dental practice blog can reinforce your brand while educating and connecting with your patients. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, and you’ll find an effective blog will showcase your expertise, encourage engagement, educate patients, and drive traffic to your website.

9. Legacy Advertising

Also referred to as traditional advertising, newspaper, magazine, radio, and television are all still strong marketing tools – especially in smaller communities and local outlets. Companies like RAMP can create the content, negotiate the placement and frequency of ads, and monitor results.

10. Community Involvement

Regardless of the size of the town, a practice that is involved in its community will spark brand recognition and engender trust for future patients. A few creative ways to get involved and give back are:

  • Sponsoring a local youth sports team.
  • Giving career talks at schools – which will also help mitigate dental fears.
  • Hosting or sponsoring community events.
  • Providing volunteer work as a team.

Whether you use any or all of these marketing strategies to grow your practice, it’s important to stay consistent with your brand and include a “call to action” in all of your communication. And of course, practice good patient retention to maintain the new business you attract. 

If you want to implement any of these creative ideas to attract new patients to your practice but aren’t sure where to start – we can help. Contact RAMP for a free review of your current plan and we’ll get you started on a strategy for 2023 today.