7 Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas

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Social media continues to be a dominant source of entertainment, news, and consumerism for more than 4 billion users worldwide. It’s also a powerful marketing tool with approximately $300 billion projected to be spent on social media advertising by 2024.

By incorporating one or more of the top platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter – you can create a stronger, more cost-effective marketing strategy. Leveraging your social media presence doesn’t have to cost a lot to net increased web traffic, customer engagement, patient acquisition, and heightened brand awareness. We share seven simple and creative marketing ideas for your dental practice:

1. The Teacher is In

Do you have a tip on how to get kids to brush longer? Want people to understand how safe sedation works for stress-free treatment? Use TikTok or Instagram reels to share valuable information, advice, or how-to content that patients will appreciate. Drop weekly FAQ posts or request and answer questions submitted by patients.

2. Interactive Fun

Social media users want to be engaged. Several platforms include widgets for polling or quizzes with multiple-choice answers that even the fastest scrollers find hard to resist. Incorporate dental trivia questions, opinion polls, or online contests to keep patients checking in to see answers and updates. Offer a free cleaning or gift for patient referrals and post a sincere thank you.

3. Before & After

Whether it’s a living room makeover or a new smile due to aligners or whitening, people love before and after photos. It’s also a visual and creative way to share patient testimonials – with their permission, of course.

4. Meet the Team

One of the best ways to help quell the fears of anxious patients is by putting a friendly face on your practice. Facebook or Instagram are ideal places to post team photos or introduce new staff members. Those employees comfortable doing so can share personal news like engagements, babies, or vacations.

5. Featured Service

Social media provides a free or affordable place to advertise new services or products. By publicly introducing implants, sedation, aligners, or new emergency hours, you’re also targeting your ideal patient and their needs. Encourage likes or comments with special offers on a new dental product.

6. Giving Back

When you incorporate philanthropy into your dental practice, be sure to share those efforts on social media. Showing your generosity and charitable interests can raise your profile in the community, attract like-minded patients and team members, and elevate your brand. TikTok charity challenges have become a fun way to give back and encourage engagement. Sponsoring local youth sports and posting about their games and activities is teamwork at its finest.

7. Enlisting Your Patients

One of the most valuable tools in marketing – especially on social media – is user-generated content, or UGC. In addition to the before-and-after testimonials, post those five-star reviews or online testimonials. Consider forming a relationship with a local celebrity or social media influencer by offering them a free whitening service in exchange for positive content on their account(s).

There are countless ways to incorporate your social media presence into a creative marketing strategy. Here are a few tips to make it even more successful:

  • Respond to all comments and reviews.
  • Avoid any HIPAA violations when using patient content.
  • Track social stats and analytics for popular posts, best times and days, insights, etc.

Social media is just one important piece of an effective dental marketing plan. RAMP – The Dentist’s Marketing Company can help you reach your goals by incorporating digital and traditional methods for a cohesive strategy. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and let’s build something together.